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Social Activities

Pre School Nurseries Called Aanganwadi's - Cradle homes or "CRECHES" :

Children are Our hope for tomorrow , Madam Montessori has rightly Said that "Inner latent Values of a child grow in the first six years of his or her life". We believe in this and thus try to educate the Village Children from age 2 to 6 years here at our Creches and Aanganwadi. Education is not a thing that a Child Should be burdened with , Our trained teachers bring Out naturally its real inner Self by Paying attention to its over all development of health, cleanliness, mind, body and Soul, and of course Vocal , art and physical training.This has turned out to be a big Success and With Our hard work and dedication ,And with the Support of Villagers, today it is possible For every Village to boast of a well Constructed and self Owned School building.
  • - Primary School Building -
  • - Primary School Building -
  • - Primary School Building -

Senior Citizen Home for Women ('Ramaben Jhaveri Maatru Mandir') :

It is befitting, right and just that we create a home say, a 'Mandir' (a Temple) – for our lonely mothers, women who are senior citizens now. In the later of their lives, they can live here, in comfort and security, in a quiet and tranquil surroundings, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, Enjoying the companionship and friendship of senior women in similar situations. Here in 'Ramaben Jhaveri Maatru Mandir' – (senior citizen home for women) they are assured of being cared for, physically, mentally and above all spiritually. Surely, you will help to support such a worthy cause with generous donations. Help us to reach out to 'our mothers' to live in dignity and peace. Thank you and God bless you.

Travel Programs (Mahila Pravas) :

The women's association ('Mahila Mandal') was established in 1956 with 5 kindergartens.(Balmandirs). Its main aim was to bring rural women out of their homes. It started with gathering of women every evening between 3p.m. to 5.pm. They would offer prayers, sing bhajans, dhuns. Initially 40 to 50 women gathered in each village . During festivals various tours and picnics are organized. Various things like creams, soaps, agarbattis, delicious Guajarati dishes are prepared and sold to the local villagers. They also do intricate embroidery on various clothes like chanya cholis, table-mats, napkins, dupattas to be sold.

Day Camps :

The government has sanctioned Rs.2000.00 for the day camps to be organized by the association. Every year 10 to 15 villages are being covered under this scheme. The duration of the camp is between 12 noon to 4.pm. where 60 to 70 women get together. Experts from various fields are invited to talk on topics like healthcare, nutrition, sanitation, water management, social problem related to women etc. They are served healthy snacks and tea during the camps.

Awareness Camps for Women :

Our institution has tried to enrich four facets that belong to a Women, that of a Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mother. We hold camps in and around Villages to make them aware that , like a diamond they can polish their rough edges, make them to give and take Opinions, get better equipped and broadminded, So that when they go back they can face the Society better.