Our Projects


Health programs

Mobile Medical Service Van

Free medical check up & medicines are given to the patients on campus as well as patients coming from outside & nearby villages... The facility of this medical mobile van is avail on every Wednesday & Saturday at our kathwada campus from 10 am to 1pm...

Link worker program :

In the Naroda Muthiyas ward urban health center 30 women have been appointed by the corporation and are paid Rs.1500 as salary. They go around the by-lanes of the ward distributing free medicines to cure malaria,flu fever etc.They also go around checking the water storage tanks for cleanliness. If the need arises chlorine tablets are distributed .They help pregnant women in vaccination. They also arrange for transportation at time of child birth. Care is taken to see that the new born is properly vaccinated. Guidance regarding child care is also given. Every month the salaries of the volunteers is deposited in the bank accounts of the association.The association in turn deposits the amount in the accounts of the volunteers. This is one of the regular activities in present time.

Family counseling center :

Various social problems related to divorce, dowry, family disputes, marriage etc. were solved by the association.

K.B Jhaveri & A.K. Jhaveri Physiotherapy Center :

The renovated Anilbhai kastubhai Zaveri Center offers new machiens and equipments. Our Institution runs this Center on its Campus at Kathwada, It is Well equipped with good quality exercise machines and gadgets which are operated under guidance of well trained doctors and Staff. Patients Suffering From Various Pains of back, knees joints, neck muscles and shoulder etc. avail this benefit at a very nominal cost. People in Surrounding 70 Villages are benefited by this Center.

Nutritious Food :

A healthy Child with a healthy mind depicts a healthy nation and so in spite of govt. grant having stopped, we continue to provide nutritional food to our 240 Balmandirs covering around 15,000 Children daily.