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This organization is a brain child of dedicated social workers, who believe, that the foundation of any nation depends upon its women and children, and that this millennium will belong to the women of today,. Their motto is to bring an awakening among women, avail them of opportunities, give them social and financial security, make them taste success at the very grassroots level, right in the remote, rural villages which are financially, socially and economically backward and where our help is required the most. These facts motivated them to establish this organization which was inaugurated by Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh on 23.11.56 and registered on 28.2.58. Late Ramaben Jhaveri worked till 2009. Later Mrs. Sonalben Rajiv Ramanlal took over the charge as president with the able support of Mrs. Deepa Jhaveri, our honorary secretory. Thus due to sincere, hardworking and clean administration and grace of god, we have been carrying out various projects.



Today our houses are broken into pieces. Parents have forgotten their duty towards their children. Children should be given education in family atmosphere. "Childhood is the most important period of our life." – Mahatma Gandhi Woman plays an important role in making home happy and cultured and in the development of future citizens. So that is why the women should be educated. If the women are educated they can educate their children and that way they can help in changing the society for betterment. Keeping in view the above two factors with the help and co-operation of central and state social welfare board and advisory committees for Gujarat state health department, we are conducting various programs.


In view of the cited aims and objectives, the institution is conducting many social activities and program.

A bird eye view of the activities in Short:

To think of women mean 50% population of the country and so the freedom and awareness of the women is not a luxury for India but is necessary for all round development as well as economic intellectual and spiritual development as a whole.

    This is why the aims and objectives of the institution are the welfare and development of women and children.

  • All-round development of women and children
  • Awareness amongst women
  • Health nutrition for children & expectant and feeding mothers under
  • integrated child development skills

  • Health and Child care
  • Income generating program
  • Adult and children education
  • Women and children welfare activities
  • To bring about the change and development in the field of socio-economic as well as education and health of the village and labour class women


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